Dramatic length, flawless beauty

Paint-on False Lashes
Lengthening Type

  • Fiberwig Ultra Long

Fiberwig Ultra Long

  • Black

Color Variations

1 shade


Longer-lasting without fading.
Glossy deep black.

Give you noticeably
longer lashes!

Point 1

Get lengthier lashes with additional coats!

Made with ⟨tip-extending film,⟩ a lush film liquid that's packed with fibers. With every coat, more fibers attach to the tips of lashes, offering infinite length.

Point 2

Give your lashes a longer
and fuller look.

Creamy film solution coats lashes, complete with fibers. Coat after coat, it won’t clump and looks smooth and shiny. Looks like your own lashes just grew longer.


Point 3

No panda eyes - rinses off with warm water.

Repels sebum, perspiration, tears and smudge-proof, keeping "panda eyes" at bay all day. For easy removal, rub off gently with warm water.


Long Styling Brush

Specially designed brush coats film solution and fibers from root to tip for added length while separating lashes.

Active Ingredients


How to

For even greater length

How to use the brush

For lasting curl

Clean up mistakes

After applying to lashes, tilt brush vertically,
using brush tip to add fibers to the end of lashes.

Fit curve and recessed part of the brush at lash root,
apply with a lifting motion.

Use curler before applying.
If using curler after applying, let lashes dry completely first, and curl gently.

Allow it to dry and rub gently with a cotton swab.

Fiberwig Ultra Long

Fiberwig Ultra Long