Keeps lashes up beautifully

Paint-on False Lashes
Lifting Type

  • Keep Style

Keep Style

  • Black

Color Variations

1 shade


Longer-lasting without fading.
Glossy deep black.

Keeps lashes up
and beautifully

Point 1

Keeps lashes up!

We succeeded in decreasing the amount of liquid in the solution, which was causing lashes to droop. Made with “shape-lasting film,” which prevents lashes from drooping after they’re turned upwards with a curler, keeping them lifted. It also boosts lashes’ volume and adds length with fibers, further emphasizing your lifted lashes.

Keeps lashes up!

Point 2

Beautiful finish

Boosts lashes’ volume, and adds length with fibers. Gives a notable presence to each and every lash. Creamy film solution coats lashes. Won’t clump, creating a smooth and shiny finish.

Beautiful finish

Point 3

No panda eyes – rinses off with warm water.

Repels sebum, perspiration, and tears, and also resists rubbing, keeping “panda eyes” at bay all day long. To take it off, just rub gently with plenty of warm water for easy removal.

No panda eyes – rinses off with warm water.


Lasting Styling Brush

With a mix of long and short hairs, the brush coats lashes thoroughly in liquid even with a single application, while working its way in between lashes to separate them one by one.


Active Ingredients


How to

Tips for a beautiful finish

Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara

Clean up mistakes

Fast-drying type, so add small amounts of liquid to the brush at a time and layer on for a beautiful finish.
The recessed part of the brush in particular holds a lot of liquid,
so fit its curve at the base of lashes and lift upward while coating lashes as a whole.

Use curler before applying.
If using curler after applying, let lashes dry completely first,
and curl gently.

Allow it to dry and rub gently with a cotton swab.

Keep Style

Keep Style